太阳城tyc网址入口 Owner 彼得Coratola

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总统 & 首席执行官

彼得的终身, 对创业的热情让他抓住了2014年的机遇,成立了太阳城tyc网址入口 Services. 在彼得的领导下,公司发展迅速,并继续以惊人的速度扩张. Peter’s extensive professional background spans the client and provider sides of logistics; he utilizes this deep subject matter expertise to provide a high level of customer service to carriers, 券商, 和发货人. Prior to founding 太阳城tyc网址入口, 彼得在一家财富500强经纪行做了两年的国民账户经理. 他现在为几家《太阳城tyc网址入口》500强公司处理关键的发货和单一采购关系. 他拥有俄亥俄州立大学犯罪学和供应链管理学士学位. 彼得和他的妻子伊丽莎白以及两个儿子彼得和本杰明住在俄亥俄州的都柏林.

基思·沃德, 首席运营官 太阳城tyc网址入口

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Keith designs and 实现s business plans and procedures for the company, develops opportunities for future growth, and ensures efficiencies across all departments at 太阳城tyc网址入口. 在贝拉明大学(Bellarmine University)上大学时(他最终获得了商业和经济学双学位), 他曾在通用电气(General Electric)的国际供应链部门工作,在那里他对物流产生了热爱. 从那时起, Keith在该领域积累了超过15年的经验,他是Pacer Global Logistics的客户经理,以及本田Ceva Logistics现场的加速和新模型团队的经理. Keith has been with 太阳城tyc网址入口 for more than two years.

贾斯汀年轻, 首席财务官 太阳城tyc网址入口

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Justin领导太阳城tyc网址入口的会计和财务职能,优化公司的整体财务业绩. 他协助开发公司范围内的新程序和服务方案, oversees risk exposure to help guide decision making processes, 并开发和维护数据分析和商业智能计划. A graduate of Miami University with a bachelor’s degree in accountancy, Justin已经在太阳城tyc网址入口工作3年多了,他对Columbus Business First的快速50强榜单并不陌生. He lives in Columbus, Ohio and loves to travel and be outdoors with his wife Julia and their dog Odie.

大卫Helton, Director of 政府 Operations

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Director of 政府 Operations

David领导政府运营团队,确保太阳城tyc网址入口符合所有标准和认证. He is a United States Air Force veteran, earned a business degree from Arizona State University, an MBA from William & 她正在代顿大学攻读组织领导学的博士学位. David来到太阳城tyc网址入口有超过25年的广泛的成就背景, 领先的, and executing supply chain and logistics operations. 他是一个经验丰富的高尔夫球手,一个军事历史爱好者,并喜欢花时间与他的家人.

艾比行进, Director of Strategy and 创新

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Director of Strategy and 创新

Abbi comes to 太阳城tyc网址入口 with nearly 20 years of experience in strategy, 创新, and performance improvement. After graduating from Ohio University, Abbi worked in a broad range of industries, including automotive, 金融, 保险, 政府, 启动, 和非营利. A native of Dublin, Ohio, she now resides at Indian Lake with her dog Poppy. Abbi is passionate about travel, family, and giving back to our community.

尼克Gamrath, Director of Client Services

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Director of Client Services

Nick管理着一个团队,确保所有的负载都被准确和有效地构建和调度. With 太阳城tyc网址入口 since its earliest days, Nick帮助创建了客户服务部门,以便提供24小时的客户服务,并提供对所有发货的可见性. A graduate of Ohio University, 尼克获得了航空飞行学士学位,并获得了私人飞行员执照,并作为一名合格的飞行教员教书. He plans to maintain this hobby well into old age. Nick has been with 太阳城tyc网址入口 for more than five years.

斯科特·麦克道尔, Director of Carrier Development

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VP of CMH Operations

Scott is responsible for the training and onboarding of all new hires. He oversees the growth of our territory managers, logistic coordinators, 航空公司服务, and procurement teams through support, compliance 发展, 教育, and performance reviews. 他早期在餐饮行业的职业生涯为他在时间敏感和要求高的物流领域的工作奠定了坚实的基础. A graduate of Bowling Green State University, with a bachelor’s degree in communication and media studies, Scott has been with 太阳城tyc网址入口 for three years. He lives in Delaware with his wife and two daughters, Lily and Zoe.

布雷特·斯图尔特, Director of Business Development

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Director of Business Development

Brett manages a team focused on conducting RFPs, sourcing 政府 contracts, prospecting new clients, and growing existing partnerships. 经验丰富的客户关系和客户经理,有建立成功的合作关系和关注增长计划的记录, Brett has more than 17 years experience 领先的 teams, building partnerships and growing relationships. He is an avid cyclist and involved in Pelotonia. A graduate of Wingate University in North Carolina, Brett是参加2001年NCAA四强赛的长曲棍球队的一员. He has been with 太阳城tyc网址入口 for less than a year. Brett lives in Dublin with his wife Ashley and two daughters.

斯科特•罗宾逊, 导演的

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Scott develops and leads the IT vertical, 识别, 发展中, 并实施IT太阳城tyc网址入口,以提高公司效率,降低公司成本. 他维护现有的IT系统和太阳城tyc网址入口,并监督日常IT功能. In collaboration with the 太阳城tyc网址入口 logistics leadership, 斯科特帮助制定了使命和愿景,实现了推动公司向前发展的结果. A graduate of The Ohio State University, Scott为太阳城tyc网址入口带来了近30年的物流、供应链管理和信息技术经验, where he has been for more than a year. 

康拉德Warzycha, Director of Operations


Director of Operations - 食品和饮料

Konrad works with executive management to develop, 实现, and track KPIs for all account management employees. 他指导客户经理,与他们一起工作,加深他们对行业标准的了解, including how to rate customers and grow their customer base. Regular coordination with client services, regional territory managers, 而销售经理就是他如何帮助公司保持高水平的客户服务. 来自波兰的第一代移民,俄亥俄州立大学毕业生, Konrad has been with 太阳城tyc网址入口 for five years.

海蒂·戴维斯, Director of Accounting


Director of Accounting

Heidi领导团队为太阳城tyc网址入口处理所有应收和应付账款活动. She is tasked with growing the accounting department at 太阳城tyc网址入口, which includes new and exciting adventures in philanthropy. 海蒂于2015年加入团队,拥有超过15年的工作经验,致力于帮助他人充分发挥他们的潜力. In her spare time she enjoys exercising, 发展中 her green thumb, and spending time with her daughter, 汉娜.

乔斯林•欧文斯, Director of Human 资源


Director of Human 资源

对乔斯林来说,帮助人们发展,让他们实现自己的目标是她的热情所在. Her mother was a teacher, and her father also worked in HR. 看到她的父母对人们生活的积极影响,她想要跟随他们的脚步,带领她走上人力资源之路,并将学习与发展融入她的人力资源之旅. 如今,她致力于培养太阳城tyc网址入口员工,帮助他们和组织实现他们的目标和目标. Jocelyn has 19 years of experience in HR, talent management, and learning & 发展. Before joining 太阳城tyc网址入口, 她曾在多个行业担任人力资源主管,并为多所大学提供学习和发展咨询. Jocelyn持有the University of Central Florida的工商管理学士学位,专注于人力资源. Her positive energy, 耐心, and willingness to listen also help her at home, where she manages a large family that rivals the Brady Bunch.

本苯菲尔, Director of Operations - 制造业


Director of Operations - 制造业

As the youngest of six children, Ben knows a thing or two about managing chaos. He currently leads a team of nine account managers committed to the mission, 愿景, and values of 太阳城tyc网址入口. Ben is a mentor to his team and an expert in customer engagement. Before joining 太阳城tyc网址入口, Ben was a Warehouse Supervisor at both Cardinal Health and UPS, and he was an Operations Trainer for Target stores. 本毕业于俄亥俄州立大学,主修时尚与零售研究, and a minor in Business Administration.


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